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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Facebook Strikes Back!

In a reaction to the rising popularity of Twitter, Facebook is about ready to unveil its new homepage and profile page. Some of the changes include real-time updates on your homepage and removing the 5,000 friend limit (I'm only at a 1,000 ... so this doesn't quite apply to me ... and do I even know 1,000 people?). Read more about the reasoning behind the changes here or see for yourself here.

It is absolutely amazing observe the nascent online culture. Just three years ago, you were a nobody if you didn't have a Facebook account; a virtual social castaway. Three years of Facebook later (mostly riddled with complaints about the layout changes and a slew of ex-piano teachers adding you as a friend), social media junkies are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. Twitter user aren't exactly abandoning Facebook, but they are sure spending less time on Facebook as they enjoy the new Tweet buzz.

As someone who has grown with the Internet, I remember logging on with a dial-up tone onto my Netscape navigator to check out the latest news on Yahooligans. I'll admit, my first experience with the Internet was confusing. I didn't quite get it, but I quickly moved from a confused fourth grader, to a sixth grade who was printing of Penny Hardaway's mom's meatloaf from

(side note: I just heard KSFY mention their Twitter account).

That last side note astonishes me, because only 6 months ago, I couldn't mention the word Twitter without getting a stream of juvenile giggles. Which makes me wonder if grandma just rechecked her hearing aid while watching the evening news.

I remember the first time I heard the words, Yahoo, Google and now Twitter and every time I just chuckled and said "come again?" Well, I will no longer sit idly by while people my age are making heaps of money on crazy ideas and goofy names. I don't exactly have a plan for the next social networking phenomenon, but I do have a name. Originally I wanted to go with ShamWow, but apparently that's taken. Instead I have settled on (let it be noted: I searched about 20 words that I thought were non-existent until I settle on this) Phlergen (patent pending). No reason behind that one. I just think it's fun to say.

Just remember, some day "If You're Not Phlerging, You're Not Trying."

1 comment:

Nick said...

great insight in this post kyle. i've seen mark zuckerberg on several mainstream tv shows this week and not one reporter (or even oprah) has had the guts to ask him how worried about twitter he is.

the really scary thing is the phlergen's of the world aren't even in his peripherial yet.