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Friday, February 27, 2009


The new generation of college students are becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet and are constantly plugged in with wireless Internet and smart phones. So as the President for the University Program Council, I knew it was important that we reach students on an etheral level.

My mission for my third and final year on the UPC was to continue the development of a brand identity for UPC, as well as utilize numerous online entities to promote UPC.

The central online hub for UPC is our main web page. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-remember URL to link you to all of our other online resources. As of right now, you will find a list of this semester's events, a few pics from our events, as well as links to our MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

We use our MySpace to provide a more detailed semester calendar, post pictures and original videos of our events, blog about ways to get involved with UPC and post videos from upcoming artists.

Our Facebook Fan page allows us to connect to students on a website that students visit as part of their daily routine. This page also provides pictures and videos, event information, as well as an outlet for students to post comments or questions regarding UPC.

Twitter is about to explode and UPC is certainly ready for students to get on board. We post reminders about events so students never have to worry about forgetting about events they wish to attend. We also utilize TwitPic and 12 Seconds to post pictures and video of events or UPC news as it is happening! How cool is that?!

And finally, we upload all of our original videos to our YouTube channel so students can keep up with events they attended/missed. We also favorite videos of artists who are coming to campus soon.

Our online process is relatively new and we are continually seeking ways to better utilize social networks. If you have any questions about UPC, feel free to email us at

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