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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Totally awesome logo!

I created this logo yesterday to spite all of my graphic design friends. Experiencing aneurysm is completely possible after witnessing so many violated design principles. Here is one of the reviews:

"Lookin' good. A couple suggestions, though I had a hard time finding anything to critique. Some might say I'm just being nit picky.

1. I prefer Comic Sans, as I think it a bit more playful and readable than Papyrus. I'd save Papyrus for translating something "old world", "antique", or "sophisticated".
2. Try going more neon with the pink, or maybe alternate the lines (neon pink, blaze orange, then neon pink, etc.). It'll add pizazz.

As far as anything else goes, I can't find more to say. Your creation is pure perfection in a logo. I have to agree with Nick that I love the rocket ship. It works. Sure, it's not related to anything, but that will come across as "spontaneity".

You've got the go ahead." - Katie F.

Feel free to leave your review in the comments section.


Patrick said...

The green shadow just makes it...

Ryan said...

To be fair, he does alternate Comic Sans with Papyrus, which is I think works for this design. This way the logo has a broader range of functionality which can cross boarders and look great with any design.

The only thing I see wrong with this design is that the logo is way too small. It could be at least a couple pt. sizes bigger to increase readability.

These are my revisions. fix this then you have my green light.

Beth said...

I like how you embraced your femininity and went with the star. I think it screams, “I’m a superstar!” All the different colors just blend so well together, it is as if your logo was the starting idea to create the rainbow. As for your selected typeface, I would go with Helvetica personally. After watching a three hour feature-length independent film about it I use it for absolutely everything. Coming from an advertisers point of view you simply can’t correct perfection…absolutely marvelous.